Speaker Profile: Ryan Hogarth

The New Normal in a world of digital disruption.


The world is going through a period of prolonged transition and by all accounts will last for another generation at least. The consequence of this transition is everywhere you look; business and people unsure of what the ‘normal’ state of operating is. With innovations and advances almost daily, all established rules for business and personal success have evaporated.

Every facet of being in business today demands new insights, new mindsets and new tools. Leadership, management, customer experience, human capital management, IT, business development. What is the ‘new normal’ today and what will it likely be in the next decade?

Ryan Hogarth’s new keynote presentation unpacks all of these issues. He has been researching, writing and speaking on the impact of technology and digital for the last eight years. In 2010, social media was just beginning to make a serious impact on business and no one knew what to do with it. To compound the frustration there were no experts. For the first time ever customers were setting the pace of their own agenda and business was scrambling to catch up. It was clear then that there was already a new normal in the brand/ customer relationship and the last eight years has seen this new normal impact every industry in the world.

Response to this change is interesting to observe. You have those who are wildly excited about technology and all its innovation but have no sense of what to actually do and how to use it to grow their business. Then there are others who are just confused, overwhelmed or terrified at the pace of change and decide to ignore it and do nothing. Ryan see’s his role as guiding the enthusiasts and showing the concerned the massive opportunities that lay before them. Both require an understanding of the digital mindset and an appreciation of the new normal.

Ryan has developed a reputation as an engaging speaker who understands his audiences which allows him to bring greater understanding of digital and everything it means.

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