Speaker Profile: Rob Caskie


South Africa’s ‘White Zulu’ Johnny Clegg at his recent concert in Nambiti Game Reserve lamented the fact that we have lost touch with nature. In the western world this is certainly true, and may partly be why many are choosing country/bush venues for conferences and strategic meetings.

The stimulation and invigoration created by being in the country is wonderful, and South Africa has a plethora of magnificent options for such events. With a background in wildlife safari guiding, and battlefield storytelling, Rob Caskie is uniquely placed to help unlock the magic of such places. The camaraderie a game drive/walk or battlefield tour creates, when offered in conjunction with the business of conferencing, is magic, adding a special element no urban venue can replicate.

Rob’s background hitherto, with wildlife guiding, battlefield storytelling and much travel (including a four-year sojourn backpacking around the world) has shaped the storyteller he is today. His stories are human stories, and how humans react to difficult or changing circumstances. Rob is best known for his tales of South African history and the Anglo-Zulu War. Our country may be young, but her history is momentous, creating epics of human struggle and triumphs of the human spirit.

With a passion for the Antarctic, Rob spends every summer on expedition ships in the Polar regions, speaking about Scott, Amundsen, Shackleton, along with the quest for the North-West Passage and the North Pole. These stories are perfectly suited to outdoor venues, perhaps in a boma around a fire, or in the shade on a river bank. Within these sagas are magnificent lessons in leadership, preparation, communication and adaptation to local conditions. Of course, Rob wishes to include the vital ingredient of intuition, and the role it, along with good fortune, often plays in affecting the eventual outcome.

These stories resonate powerfully with local audiences. After 18 years of professional storytelling, the levels of engagement and interest his stories create continue to astound Rob and his clients. In keeping with his background, his shorts and stick have become an integral piece of Rob’s branding.

Requiring no audio-visual assistance, Rob’s stories are perfect to take your conference in the country or bush to the next level. Striving for storytelling excellence in few subjects, rather than good performance in many.

Rob will leave you well informed, motivated and inspired with his mind-blowing stories.

For more information, or to book Rob to speak at your event, please contact Unique Speaker Bureau.