Speaker Profile: Juanita Vorster

Don’t Fear the Future, Prepare for it.


Have you ever felt excited about the opportunities that are made possible by technological innovations, but unsure of how to use these innovations to achieve success for yourself and your business? Or have you recently tried implementing new technologies in your business only to receive an enormous amount of resistance from everyone around you?

The journey from what we know now, to what we need to do to achieve success in the future, is filled with resistance. Many fear that any type of technological innovation will cause their jobs and their purpose to become obsolete.

Businesses that want to benefit from technological innovations need to learn how to turn disruptive threats into opportunities for success. This process starts by exploring – at a high level – the technology aspects of disruptive innovation.

The next step is to understand why traditional change management plans fail under disruptive circumstances. People that resist change often do so unconsciously, as resistant behaviour is triggered by a complex combination of neurobiological, psychological, and sociological factors.

Businesses facing disruption are often so stuck in crisis mode that they need an outsider to assist with connecting where they are now to where they need to go next.

That’s where Juanita Vorster comes in.

As an ‘old millennial’, Juanita Vorster has experienced the world of work both as how it used to be, as well as where it has already shifted to. In running her own company, she draws inspiration from both those who remember the usual, and those that are creating the unusual.

Over the past decade Juanita has built up a unique combination of insights and skills that enables her to help your business to embrace change, welcome disruption, and kickstart innovation.

Juanita can inspire your workforce and help your organisation adapt to changing times through either a high impact keynote or a structured series of in-depth interventions. All sessions include simple advice on how to replace habits of resistance to change with the behaviours needed to turn disruptive threats into opportunities for success.

Both the keynote and the interventions can be customised to address pressing issues specific to your industry, profession, or business objectives.

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